-Mouse to control cursor
-Middle mouse to recenter mouse cursor
-Left click to select object/creature
-Right click to unselect object/creature
-R key to restart level
-Enter key to continue (when prompted)

Looks Dead, is a monochrome puzzle game where you have to prevent the "hero" from reaching the goal. To do that, you must use little eye's monsters to kill him. The "hero" can only jump if there's a monster in his way, but his ability to jump could also be used to trapped him using the monsters who also have their own unique ability (for this version there is only one creature called a Walker).

Programming and graphics: Samuel Allen / Samfreeman05.
Music made with and GXSCC.
The game was created using the Supowerpower game engine created by Sparklin Lab.

I hope you will like it and don't forget to leave your feedback.
For any question, you can contact me on twitter: @samfreeman05

Have a good day!

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